Wednesday, 8 November 2017


We were tasked to create a slideshow about camels. Check it out!

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Arctic fox vs Arctic hare

Arctic fox vs Arctic hare

The tundra is a cold, windy treeless environment known for it’s difficult living conditions. However there are a number of animals that have adapted in order to survive the harsh conditions of the tundra. These animals include Arctic fox, Arctic hare, caribou, snowy owl and polar bears.

Both the Arctic fox and hare are found in the tundra. The fox is found in the Arctic Circle which includes Canada, Russia, Greenland, Iceland, Scandinavia and Alaska. Similar to the fox the Arctic hare lives in the Arctic Circle as well as Greenland.

The fox and the hare share a diet based on what is available to them. The fox’s diet mainly consists of small mammals like lemmings and voles. However the hare eats buds, berries, twigs and mosses.

The fox and the hare are both naturally are adapted in a tundra environment. The Arctic fox has furry coat to keep it warm and a bushy tail so it can wrap itself in it’s tail to cover the foxes small body and short ears. The hare has strong hind legs and claws that they use to forage in the snow. The hares also have white fur which it sheds in Summer and turns brown. However, in Winter the hare has pure snowy white fur.

Both the Arctic fox and hare make shelters to survive the harsh conditions. The fox builds a den with multiple entrances and exits in case a predator attacks. However the Arctic hare forages in the snow in search for a burrow.

Even though both the Arctic hare and fox have successfully adapted to survive the harsh conditions of the tundra. We believe that the Arctic fox is better suited for this environment to not only survive but thrive. The fox has better adaptations and diet than the hare such as the fox has more food choices and their den is better to live in because of the multiple entrances. Some of the adaptations like the bushy tail to curl in and the furry coat help them to survive.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

W.A.L.T: Describe fitness

We were tasked to create a poster of physical health and we chose speed!

Monday, 25 September 2017

Finding Language Features in Songs

Today we were tasked to finding language features like similes and metaphors in songs. Check mine out!

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Friendship Lesson

Here is a narrative about friendship

The Unicorn Race

The citizens of Sunset  Unicorn Palace were all bustling around their houses getting ready for the once in 5 years ‘Sunset Unicorn Palace Race’. Sunset Palace was a city in FantasyLand, alongside Cloud Palace, Rainbow City, Dream Palace and hundreds of others. Hidden behind a maze of Unicorn Houses was the palace of no other than UniQueen, she had a sparkling crown with magical jewels alongside 10 other crystals each displaying an act of kindness.  Fantasyland was high up in one of the biggest clouds in the universe shaped like a sparkling star.

For the Unicorn Race all unicorns were participating except three. Their names were Rainbow, Shimmer and Dazzle, their best friend was competing and her name was Glitter. Glitter had the determination to do anything her mind was set to do. There was a huge problem though, something was letting her down. She had a sparkly pink coat with three stars glittering. Glitter had a shiny glitter-gold horn with with pure white pearls draped around.

That was encouragement, Glitter felt sad and hurt when the races started since nobody was cheering for her and her friends were all too busy. Little did Glitter know that her friends actually were happy because their best friend was representing them. Her friends were creating a surprise for Glitter so Glitter would win the races since she hadn’t won any races so far and her friends though that she deserved to. There were five races, The first race was long jump; followed by longest flying distance, discus, sprints and lastly Glitter favourite… swimming underwater!

After the second race Glitter friends saw her failure and decided to unleash their surprise. The pink, purple, silver and gold box opened with a loud pop! ‘Pop!’ The only thing that happened was that a super bouncy springy spring bounced up and with a tiny sprinkle of magic dust the Unicorn on top of the spring faintly whispered “ Go Glitter!”. Apparently, the Unicorns didn’t really pay attention to what they were doing so the result was a flop. Their second try was better but still not the best.

Disappointed,  Rainbow, Shimmer and Dazzle put their hearts into it this one. By this time they were on their last race… SWIMMING! Glitter wasn’t the best at this sport but still liked it. Her friends had almost given up their hope…, when suddenly Dazzle got the greatest idea! “ We could send our mermaid friends to cheer Glitter underwater!” Rainbow and Shimmer were proud of their friend and decided to try it out. They called out to their other friend called Bubbles who was a blue and green mermaid. After the unicorns explained their solution. “ No problem!” Bubbles said.  “ You can rely on me!”. Satisfied Bubbles dived under water with a splash, and after a few seconds she found her. “ Let’s GO Glitter!!!” she kept chanting. Pleased with this encouragement, Glitter was determined to win the last race! In sight of the finish line Glitter swam as fast as a tornado and she won! As she swam up to shores, the crowd's cheers were as loud as an airplane. Glitters friends trotted up and hugged and squealed at her! They were so proud of her.

Always remember that true friends are never apart maybe in distance but never in heart!