Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Friendship Lesson

Here is a narrative about friendship

The Unicorn Race

The citizens of Sunset  Unicorn Palace were all bustling around their houses getting ready for the once in 5 years ‘Sunset Unicorn Palace Race’. Sunset Palace was a city in FantasyLand, alongside Cloud Palace, Rainbow City, Dream Palace and hundreds of others. Hidden behind a maze of Unicorn Houses was the palace of no other than UniQueen, she had a sparkling crown with magical jewels alongside 10 other crystals each displaying an act of kindness.  Fantasyland was high up in one of the biggest clouds in the universe shaped like a sparkling star.

For the Unicorn Race all unicorns were participating except three. Their names were Rainbow, Shimmer and Dazzle, their best friend was competing and her name was Glitter. Glitter had the determination to do anything her mind was set to do. There was a huge problem though, something was letting her down. She had a sparkly pink coat with three stars glittering. Glitter had a shiny glitter-gold horn with with pure white pearls draped around.

That was encouragement, Glitter felt sad and hurt when the races started since nobody was cheering for her and her friends were all too busy. Little did Glitter know that her friends actually were happy because their best friend was representing them. Her friends were creating a surprise for Glitter so Glitter would win the races since she hadn’t won any races so far and her friends though that she deserved to. There were five races, The first race was long jump; followed by longest flying distance, discus, sprints and lastly Glitter favourite… swimming underwater!

After the second race Glitter friends saw her failure and decided to unleash their surprise. The pink, purple, silver and gold box opened with a loud pop! ‘Pop!’ The only thing that happened was that a super bouncy springy spring bounced up and with a tiny sprinkle of magic dust the Unicorn on top of the spring faintly whispered “ Go Glitter!”. Apparently, the Unicorns didn’t really pay attention to what they were doing so the result was a flop. Their second try was better but still not the best.

Disappointed,  Rainbow, Shimmer and Dazzle put their hearts into it this one. By this time they were on their last race… SWIMMING! Glitter wasn’t the best at this sport but still liked it. Her friends had almost given up their hope…, when suddenly Dazzle got the greatest idea! “ We could send our mermaid friends to cheer Glitter underwater!” Rainbow and Shimmer were proud of their friend and decided to try it out. They called out to their other friend called Bubbles who was a blue and green mermaid. After the unicorns explained their solution. “ No problem!” Bubbles said.  “ You can rely on me!”. Satisfied Bubbles dived under water with a splash, and after a few seconds she found her. “ Let’s GO Glitter!!!” she kept chanting. Pleased with this encouragement, Glitter was determined to win the last race! In sight of the finish line Glitter swam as fast as a tornado and she won! As she swam up to shores, the crowd's cheers were as loud as an airplane. Glitters friends trotted up and hugged and squealed at her! They were so proud of her.

Always remember that true friends are never apart maybe in distance but never in heart!

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Rhyming Couplet Poem

This week we were writing poems, I wrote a rhyming couplet poem about Mr Bainbridge. Check mine out!

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Snow White

Once upon a time in the middle of winter, when the flakes of snow were falling like feathers from the sky, a queen sat at a window sewing, and the frame of the window was made of black ebony.  

Soon after, she had a daughter who’s skin was as white as snow, her lips were as red as blood and her hair was as black as ebony wood. When the queen was giving birth to Snow White, she died. The grieving king decided to remarry because he needed a mother for his daughter.

He married an arrogant sort of woman who was beautiful but mean and selfish. Little did he know, marrying this woman was the biggest mistake he would ever make! Their tall dilapidated ancient castle, was placed high on the hill surrounded with dark purple and blue flowers and with dark green ivy covering the walls. The royal couple only had a small garden which in the dark looked like a puddle of mud! The dark green trees reached over covering the garden like a canopy.

Years passed and Snow White was now a teenager She had pure black hair tied back into a messy ponytail with strands of black hair poking out. Snow White was wearing a pure white t-shirt with Justin Bieber on it and dark blue skinny jeans with her black and white ‘Converse’ sneakers. In her pocket she had her iphone which was playing a JB song.

One morning the queen asked her mirror. ”Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?” The mirror said  ”You, my queen, are fair; it is true. But Snow White is a thousand times fairer than you”

The queen detested Snow White now, she detested her becoming very popular even though she stayed in her room most of the time and she detested her because the mirror said that Snow White was more fair and beautiful than the queen.

Every time any of Snow’s best friends came to their castle they always had good news for her. Like “ OMG! Snow, you’ve hit over 400 million followers on Twitter in one day! And your Youtube subscribers are now 100 million!”. One day  the queen had enough of her popularity so she decided to kill Snow White.

So the next day, she ordered a huntsman to take Snow White to the forest to kill her and take back Snow White's heart. The only problem was that the huntsman adored Snow White and knew her nature by heart. So to spare her life, the huntsman killed a deer and messaged Snow White telling her that the evil queen wanted to kill her. Snow received the message and realised if she didn’t find help her life would probably be over. The huntsman returned to the castle on the hill and presented the queen with the deer’s heart. Little did the queen know Snow was still alive.
Snow White was walking through the forest when she came along a huge house; it had seven tiny chairs, seven tiny beds which each had a name on it. Snow thought that those were extremely weird names for what she thought were children.

A couple of hours later Snow decided it was time for a nap, she hopped up on an armchair, she excitedly pulled out her iphone and glared at it. The seven dwarves saw smoke twisting out from the chimney, the biggest dwarf opened the door and stared in shock, he saw curled up on the soft fluffy seat, a girl. Snow White woke up with a start with her iphone dangling from her fingers. “ Hello….” she said with a frightened voice, “May I stay with you please.. I have a wicked stepmother who wants to kill me” said Snow with a small sob. All of the dwarves had sympathy for her except for one dwarf.. Grumpy. “ N0!” shouted Grumpy with a frown, “ I smell danger!” The dwarves trusted Grumpy and also refused.

Forlornly, Snow slowly walked through the forest and ordered a sleeping bag, a tent, and a campfire from Kmart online. Once all her essentials had arrived she had a perfect accomodation! Meanwhile in the castle, the evil queen was asking her mirror who was the most fairest in the kingdom. To the queen’s surprise the magic mirror responded with “Dear queen, Snow White is the most fairest of them all she lives in the forest with a tent”. The queen was raging! She screamed in fury! To end this once and for all evil queen brewed a magic potion and added everything that was disastrous in it like: frogs legs, insect heads, dead birds and woodland creatures, toads eyeballs and even her dead husband's bones! She took a pure red apple and dipped it in the potion, it suddenly started withering. A few seconds later the withered apple turned back to normal.

Satisfied, the queen disguised herself into an old woman and proceeded to the forest where Snow White was staying. In a basket she had her three red apples except that one of them was disguised as a poisoned apple. “Hello my dear, would you like one of my famous apples?” She asked in a croaky voice. “Yes please!” Snow replied and took a big bite out of the apple. Snow White fell down with a thud. The queen laughed and laughed with her head held high, her dream had come true! Snow White was DEAD! Suddenly a prince came around the corner and in shock saw his true love lying down dead. “No!, MURDER!!! He grabbed out his iPhone and dialled 111. Sirens wailed. Blue and red flashing lights were everywhere.

“ So, are you sure that you witnessed the murder?” Questioned the head officer. “ Yes, I am absolutely sure” stammered the prince. “Any evidence found should be sent to me” the head officer ordered commandingly. “Boss, look what I found a piece of black cloth. “That is the evil queens. clothes!” All the officers chorused together. They had found the murderer!  

“ Quiet!” Shouted the Judge and the whole court was quiet. “Evil queen you have been found guilty of murder you are to be sentenced to jail for life!”

“ NO!” Screamed the evil queen in anger. Now you have learnt from the unfortunate demise of Snow White never trust strangers and take things from them.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

UN Aid Package

We were tasked to create a UN aid package, here is our result!

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Language Poster

This week the Justice League were reading a article called universal language, we then created a poster. Check it out!

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Waikowhai Writing

I worked with Qiana from Waikowhai Intermediate on a shared piece of writing. My writing is highlighted in blue.

Screenshot 2017-05-29 at 12.08.14 PM.png

Snapping the silver bars, the colourful horses tramped away happily. Slowly the sun began to set,  suddenly, a magical light shimmered in front of the horses and a long staircase in the sky appeared before their eyes. Slowly three beautiful fairies glided towards the gorgeous horses as their manes glimmered like shining stars in the night sky!
The fairies glided to the merry-go-round horses and gracefully seated themselves on the pretty horses, once they were on their original positions, the horses magically froze. They couldn’t move anymore. The only way to break this unconditional curse is to have an owl wizard cast a spell on these innocent animals. The fairies are miserable without the horses.
“We have to tell the Queen,” announced one of the fairies.
The fairies miserably flew to fairyland with their wings drooped to meet the queen, in fear and anger the fairies spilled out all what had happened. The queen was shocked when she heard the fairies horrifying story. The horses were very close with her majesty because they took her to every occasion.

“Something has to be done!” Ordered the queen. While the fairies hurried away in agony...

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Key Competency Functions

Key Competency - Managing Self
Following Instructions in different environments

uni struc.png
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extended abstract.png
I follow instructions when directed by a teacher
I can follow one instruction
I can follow several instructions
I can follow several instructions in a range of environments
I can follow instructions in a range of environments with a range of teachers

Key Competency - Relating to others
Relating to others and responding to others ideas

uni struc.png
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extended abstract.png
I need help to listen to others ideas
I can listen to others ideas and respond to one idea
I can listen to several ideas and respond to these ideas
I can listen to ideas of others and explain why they are relevant in a scientific manner
I can listen and reflect to ideas of others and respond to them in a scientific manner

Key Competency - Participating and Contributing
Contributing Ideas

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extended abstract.png
I need help to participate and share one idea about functions
I can participate and share one idea about functions when prompted by the teacher
I can share several ideas about functions and contribute readily
I can share several relevant ideas and explain functions in detail in a group situation  
I can contribute my scientific understanding in groups

I can modify my ideas when listening to others and share my understandings
Key Competency - Thinking
Asking relevant questions (AO nature of science)

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extended abstract.png
I need help to ask a relevant scientific question
I can ask one relevant scientific question with prompting from the teacher
I can ask several relevant scientific questions
I can ask several relevant scientific questions and explain the purpose of those questions.
I can ask relevant scientific questions and reflect on them and change them if I need to.

Key Competency - Language, symbols and texts
Using scientific language, diagrams and terms  

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extended abstract.png
I need help to use scientific language, diagrams and terms
I can use one scientific word and diagram in my design
I can use several scientific words in my design and can annotate them correctly.
I can use relevant scientific words and diagrams and explain how these relate to my design
I can sketch, label and annotate using scientific terms.

I can modify my design with feedback from others.

I can evaluate my product.

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